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Why a charcoal-based face wash is a must for your skincare regime

Why a charcoal-based face wash is a must for your skincare regime |charcoal face wash | charcoal face wash benefits | charcoal face wash for oily skin | Activated Charcoal, Ginseng & Aloe Vera Face Wash,Activated Charcoal Face Wash supersmelly activated charcoal face wash

In the recent years, there has been an increasing buzz about activated charcoal and how it can do wonders for skin. There is a range of products including charcoal face wash, face pack, scrub and many more. While there are several fads that come and go, this one seems to be here to stay. Because, charcoal in its activated state, really does contain a repository of benefits for skin.

Firstly, what is activated charcoal? Also known as activated carbon, it is a fine black powder that is created when charcoal comes in contact with high heat. The heat induces miniscule openings in the charcoal particles that can absorb and trap dirt and toxins. This turns out to be one of the best features of activated charcoal, making it a sought after ingredient in skincare products these days. Considering the high degree of exposure to heat, dirt, pollution, sun and other environmental factors, the skin has a lot to deal with. Bacteria and other impurities enter and settle into skin pores, leading to a host of skin problems, which is least desirable. 

To keep your skin clean and glowing, a charcoal face wash for men and women becomes essential in your daily skincare regime. Here are more reasons why:

  1. Dirt magnet Activated charcoal face wash benefits includes the ability to draw out and absorb dirt, bacteria and toxins embedded deep within your skin. This super power gives the skin a thorough cleanse and detox that it needs. Try the Super Smelly Activated Charcoal Face Wash that contains activated charcoal, Asian Ginseng and Aloe Vera and leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and lighter, as if layers of dirt have been lifted out of it!
  • Acne buster – Acne is usually the result of excess oil secretion, bacteria and pores blocked with dead skin cells. A good an effective charcoal face wash for acne will help cure and reduces the effects of acne, with its antibacterial properties and ability to unclog pores. For deeper pore cleansing, you can use a mild face pack like the Go Glow Face Pack that contains activated charcoal, coffee seeds and a blend of natural clays and oils.
  • Pore shrinker – With regular use of an Activated charcoal face wash, your pores may begin to appear smaller. The Activated Charcoal, Ginseng and Aloe Vera Face Wash by Super Smelly is the best charcoal face wash for oily skin, that clears pores of skin debris, and keeps them breathing and taut. While washing your face, pay special attention to your T-zone – nose, forehead and chin where the pores appear the largest. This will help keep them in check.
  • Exfo champ – Activated charcoal acts as a natural exfoliant with its gritty yet soft texture, effectively removing dead skin cells, impurities and other unwanted particles. While looking for a suitable face wash, make sure to pick up a zero-toxin, natural charcoal face wash for blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin removal that suits your skin type. Remember, exfoliation does not need to be rough, especially on the face.
  • Sucker for Oil – A face wash with activated charcoal can help pull out the excess oil and grime hidden deep within skin pores, making way for skin that is clean with a matt glow. This consequentially helps keep acne and other skin disorders at bay, because a healthy oil balance means healthy skin. Pick out a good charcoal face wash for oily skin that removes the excess without robbing skin of its natural moisture.
  • Bite healer – A gentle face wash containing activated charcoal can help cure and soothe insect bites by neutralising the toxins in insect venom. This is a useful benefit for warm summer days when insect bites are common and the skin needs special care.  
  • Gentle and kind – Another good thing about activated charcoal in your face wash is that it is not harsh or irritating and therefore, keeps you safe from allergic reactions. In fact, if used in the right way it helps alleviate allergic reactions, making it a super useful ingredient to have in your skincare regime.
  • Healthy skin, generally – Because of its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, activated charcoal starts the healing process for damaged skin and soothes other skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. Being gentle and non-abrasive, despite its exfoliating properties, it repairs without causing any further damage.

Pick out the right charcoal face wash for your skin and watch the skin magic of the dark forces unfurl. Make sure it is zero-toxin and made using the finest of natural ingredients. Because your skin deserves the finest.

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