Offer valid for India users only.

The cashback will be in the form of Super Smelly wallet cash which can be redeemed with your next Transaction/Shopping with us.

The cashback will be valid for 90 days from the last date of the successful order delivered. Check your Email/ SMS for the actual expiry date of cashback.

As per cashback policy, the user will be eligible to avail no more than Rs. 300 on any order.

Under no circumstances will you be entitled to withdraw the eligible cashback amount into your bank account or otherwise ask for a cash withdrawal. The cashback amount will be applied as a discount for your eligible purchases. The cashback amount cannot be credited into any pre-paid instrument issued under applicable RBI laws.

If your order is canceled by the payer /refunded by the merchant, Super Smelly cashback that has been awarded to your account will be withdrawn.

In case of cancellations/ refunds where awarded cashback is used or for partial cancellations, a refund will be processed as per Super Smelly policies.

In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, Super Smelly solely reserves the right to revoke the cashback offer/ not award the cashback at all.

In addition to the above, this offer is also subject to Super Smelly’s general policies.

Cashback is eligible only on the paid amount. No cashback will be available on the payment made using the Super Smelly wallet.