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Have Oily Skin? Here’s An Esthetician’s Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin!

skin care routine for your oily skin

While a little shine on your face looks appealing but if your skin shines like a disco ball, that’s a different ball game altogether. Although you wouldn’t want your sebaceous gland to stop producing natural oil, however, its over-friendliness towards your skin can do more harm than good. Well, it’s not only the hyper activeness of this gland that’s the reason why you have got that extra gleaming skin. It can be due to other factors such as genetics, weather changes, anxiety, diet – or even sticking to the wrong skincare staples. Now when you have got a scoop on what causes oily skin, it’s time for us to uncover an esthetician’s skincare routine for oily skin. Have a look!

The Curated Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

Individuals with oily skin out there! Your everyday skincare routine for oily skin calls for a few inextricably linked steps you should religiously follow to balance natural sebum production. 

Step #1: Cleansing

cleansing skin care routine for oily skin

Start off your everyday skincare regimen by cleansing your face with a gentle water-based cleanser or face wash. Since you have acne-prone skin, you need a mild cleanser with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, neem, or salicylic acid. Try Super Smelly’s Goodbye Acne Face Wash that has the perfect concoction of all these ingredients. Use this face cleanser every morning and night to expunge dirt, oil, and other gunk without getting your pores clogged. And if you have makeup on your face, for the love of your precious skin, first remove it with cleansing oil for oily skin!

Step #2: Exfoliating

exfoliating skin care routine for oily skin

No matter whether your skin is oily with zits or dry with flakiness, you need to exfoliate it. Without exfoliation, dead cells clogging your skin can make skincare products ineffective even if they are obligated to perform at their best. Proper exfoliation done with a gentle face scrub will reveal fresh skin while giving it a whimsical glow. Get a good oatmeal or walnut scrub and rub it gently on your face while being mindful of acne flare-ups. Once done, pat-dry the face. Make sure to keep the exfoliation count to twice or thrice a week for that desired ethereal charm.  

Step #3: Toning

toning skin care routine for oily skin

Toning – Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin – A good toner offers hydration to the skin and makes pores less predominant while keeping oiliness at bay. Pick a light toner with rose, green tea, aloe vera, or other emollient substances. If the thought of getting acne haunts you, try something with witch hazel or tea tree. 

Step #4: Spot Treating

spot treating for skin care routine for oily skin

Spot treatments for oily skin are compulsory if those zits, blemishes, or scars have irritated your face. You can execute these treatments during the morning or night and then wait for those pesky pimples to disappear. To avoid all those trials and errors in your acne-fighting regimen, use Super Smelly Super Acne Face Cream and let those zits become a distant memory. Apply this acne cream on affected areas, tap the best face cream for oily, acne-prone skin over this cream and then slather to seal both. 

Step #5: Moisturizing

moisturizing for oily skin and skin care routine for oily skin

Just because you have got greasy skin doesn’t mean you have to ditch those moisturizers and face creams. However, instead of heavy formulations, opt for a water-based and light moisturizer with ingredients like salicylic acid, glycerin, rosehip oil, or green tea extract. These ingredients will seal in the moisture without allowing your sebaceous gland to go overboard. The best moisturizer for oily, acne-prone skin should also have NO Parabens, NO phthalates, NO silicone, and other horrid stuff. If sun damage is your concern, pick a natural face moisturizer for summer with Pro-Vitamin B5. And don’t forget SPF for God’s sake!

Step #6: Repairing


If you want a skin care routine for oily skin, you should take care of skin repairs. Skin repairs are best done at night. If you have puffy eyes, Crow’s feet, dark circles, pimples, wrinkles, or any other woes, you need to forage for the right skincare products. Get an anti-aging cream and under-eye cream to quell wrinkles and keep aging concerns at bay. A natural moisturizer for the face at night for oily skin individuals would be something with aloe gel and green tea extract. To amp up your skin health, go and grab a basic clay mask or peel-off mask. Use Acne Warrior Oil Control Face Pack if you have acne-prone skin. For a face pack for tan removal and glowing skin, use a mixture of charcoal, kaolin clay, and turmeric oil. 

Do’s & Don’ts Of Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

  • Always use all-natural and non-comedogenic products. Whether it’s an oily skin moisturizer or face pack for oily skin to remove tan, they should be devoid of chemicals. 
  • Don’t over-cleanse or over-exfoliate your face as everything in excess is bad!
  • Make sure the best chemical-free face cream for oily skin or any other product you are using is lightweight and water-based. 
  • Avoid alcohol-based lotions, creams, and moisturizers as they can do a number on your oily skin. Instead, get an organic moisturizer for oily skin with natural-derived ingredients.
  • Don’t skip sunscreen when we talk about skin care routine for oily skin. Look for SPF of 40 or more for summers and 15 or 30 for winters. 

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