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We’re surrounded by disease and sickness. Trying hard not to sound dismal, but we are. The pandemic has pushed us to learn a lesson real quick – that clean hands (Hand Sanitizer Pack of 2) may just be our defense against the dark invisible forces out there. According to WHO, “hand hygiene is the most effective single measure to reduce the spread of infections through multimodal strategies, including access to the appropriate supplies.” So, like good children, the world has changed its habit, and water and soap are being used with great gusto. What to do when there’s no good ol’ water and soap around? Well, the science guys think of everything! We now have sanitizers in all shades (Hand Rub Sanitizer Pack of 3), viscosities, and packaging. They are available everywhere and being used voraciously. But as you pour liters and liters of sanitizer on your hands – liquid, gel, or foam – does your skin not feel greasy at first and then eventually dry up? Worry not! Super Smelly’s here to zap away all disease-causing germs and bacteria, and all skin problems too, with its true ‘blue’ bodyguard, set to send microbes into a panic.

Why Sanitiser?

Our hands are one of the most used body parts every day. Throughout the day, our fingers and palms are exposed to dirt, germs, virus, and bacteria, which could easily travel to our insides through contact with the nose and mouth. To avoid the spread of infection and disease, it is important to keep our hands clean and disinfected (Hand Rub Sanitizers) at all times. It may not be possible to keep washing hands, especially while traveling or in the outdoors. This is where an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (Pack of 4) comes in handy to maintain hand hygiene.

When To Use Sanitiser?

  • After visiting the hospital or nursing home.
  • When the traditional method of handwashing with soap is not available (Alchohol Based Hand Sanitiser).
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing .
  • Avoid using sanitizer if your hands are visibly dirty or greasy, after an outdoor activity, etc. Washing with soap and water is the best option here.

What To Look For In Your Sanitiser?

As per WHO, only a minimum of 70% alcohol-based solution is effective in the fight against microorganisms. Make sure your sanitizer meets this requirement. WHO also recommends rubbing it for 20-30 seconds, using the correct technique, when hands are not visibly dirty.

How To use a Hand Sanitiser?

  • Step 1: Make sure your hands are visibly clean of dirt and grease
  • Step 2: Drop a blob of sanitizer on your palm and rub thoroughly for 20 seconds.
  • Step 3: Ensure that you cover the front, back, and the area between your fingers.
  • Step 4: Allow the sanitizer to be absorbed

Benefits Of Using A Hand Sanitiser?

  • Less time consuming compared to washing with soap
  • Quick to act in killing microorganisms on hands
  • Relatively more accessible and available than a washbasin
  • Keeps hands bacteria-free
  • Does not encourage antimicrobial resistance
  • Relatively less irritating to the skin, than soap

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