Driven & inspired by the spirit of this new generation, our vision is to enable them to lead a toxin-free life. We aspire to empower this generation with a voice to question the status quo and to enhance their confidence to freely and fearlessly express themselves, every day.


To provide the most effective, safe, and toxin-free personal care solutions that the young recommend to their friends, parents choose for their growing up children, distributors select for their clients, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term returns.

Super Smelly is a brand that offers toxin-free and naturally derived products, but in our opinion, that is not enough when it comes to caring for your skin. Super smelly is committed to using ingredients that either directly benefits the skin’s health or support the integrity and effectiveness of our formulations. We have mastered the efficacy of skincare products for the toughest teenage skin, and our obsession with skin has led us to arrive at an important conclusion that it is equally, if not more important, what we leave out of the products as what we put in them. Our litmus test for formulating any product is something that’s of prime importance but often underrated and ignored. For us, there are two key tests to be passed- First, the products should be completely toxin-free. Second, they are dermatologically tested for the safety and suitability of the right age group.

We believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the rigorous testing of our products and work only with the best. Safe Cosmetics Australia and EWG-rated safe ingredients along with testing the products at French laboratories are the starting points for any product formulation to be a part of the super smelly product basket. When formulating these products, our prime focus is on biocompatibility, pH levels & safety. We ensure that the active ingredients are at efficacious levels and remain respectful & supportive of the skin’s acid mantle. We are inspired by the values and thought process of the new generation and believe that safe and effective products are a requirement at each step of our lives.