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5 Natural Ingredients That Are Fantastically Awesome For Your Skin & Hair

Getting that much-coveted ‘gorgeously flawless skin or luscious hair’ might be a distant dream for you especially if you aren’t naturally blessed with them. Also, if you are so much into self-indulging beauty sessions, you may sometimes wonder what’s the point in spending ridiculous sums of money when you can’t have pristine skin and hair. But here’s the good news! Adopting a holistic approach that stresses relying on a healthy lifestyle, all-natural beauty products, a balanced diet, exercise, and good sleep can make your fantasy come true.  And when we say all-natural, that’s one of the best ways to have gorgeous skin & hair! Here is a list of natural ingredients you should include in your skin & hair care regimen to get fantastically awesome skin and hair.



Though flaxseeds are not new in the beauty world, they got much hype of late. With all that fuss, can you really swear by flaxseeds as your skin or hair’s best friend? Of course, you can! Flaxseeds have the goodness of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E that can do wonders for both your hair and skin health. 

These nutrients hydrate the skin, protect it from free radical & UV damage, and fight aging. When it comes to benefiting the hair, they increase blood circulation while boosting hair growth and reducing hair breakage. And who says hair care and styling can’t get along? A flaxseed hair gel from a good beauty brand can help you achieve a wet look while offering your hairstyle a stronger hold. If you want to use flax seeds for skin whitening, it won’t disappoint you either. Apply a flaxseed gel-turmeric face pack religiously and you are sure not to fret over your selfies!

Green Tea

If you love sipping on a few cups of your favorite green tea, you are surely on the safe side. There are myriad skin-care and hair care advantages of green tea. While drinking green tea enhances circulation in the head and increases hair volume, its topical application fights premature skin aging. Also, the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect of Matcha, Sencha, or whatever you call it, makes it an effective cure for acne-prone skin.

So, instead of ditching those used tea bags, use them on your face to redeem skincare benefits. You can also soak cotton balls in the steeped tea and place them on your eyes to quell dark circles and puffiness. For hair, invest in shampoos and conditioners with green tea extract. And don’t forget to have at least 3 cups of refreshing green tea whenever you have time!


Your granny’s age-old advice about using Bhringraj for hair care might not appeal to you at first, but following it can do a lot of good to your hair. The best benefit of Bhringraj oil for hair is that it promotes hair growth. So, if you have thin hair or even those tiny bald spots, this natural hair growth oil can come to your rescue. Besides facilitating hair growth, Bhringraj arrests hair fall, premature graying, and scalp inflammation. 

Try Super Smelly Bhring It On Hair Oil as it’s the best Bhringraj oil out there. That’s what most beauty-conscious individuals claim! With the super awesomeness of Bhringraj, soyabean oil, Brahmi, and other naturally-derived ingredients, this natural hair growth oil helps achieve hair that stands out from the crowd.


“Onion is one of the best natural ingredients for optimal hair health.” Yes, you read that right! Apart from elevating the taste of your dishes and eventually your taste buds, onions can be a boon to your hair health too. Reason – they have high amounts of dietary sulfur that boost keratin levels and eventually your hair health. To redeem this benefit of onion oil for hair, massage your scalp with organic onion oil now and then. Try Bhring It On HAIR Oil as this ambrosial oil will regenerate new hair growth without having you cover up your nose. Phew!

Alternatively, make the best onion oil for hair with a few simple DIY steps. Extract onion juice by blending onions in a blender. Strain the juice and mix it with your choicest carrier oil like almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. 

Aloe Vera

Touted as nature’s one of the best gifts to mankind, aloe vera can help you achieve blemish-free skin and soft and shiny locks. The gel extracted from this miracle plant has hydrating properties. That means the topical application of aloe gel on your hair and skin will moisturize them and keep dryness at bay. Also, aloe gel is inflammatory and is a natural cure for skin conditions like acne, inflammation, burns, and so forth. Use an organic face wash with aloe vera for skin and an aloe hair mask to reap hair care benefits. 

Tip: Complement aloe vera use with sugarcane use. The benefits of sugarcane juice for hair and skin entail spotless skin and soft and shiny hair. 

Incorporate these ingredients in your skin and hair care regime today. Don’t miss out on Super Smelly’s Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray – an organic deodorant celebrated for its use of natural ingredients. This organic perfume deodorant with exotic fragrance will keep you smelling good all day long without harming your skin.

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  1. Pratibha says:

    I swear by onion gel seriously,, so effective in treating damaged hair,, nice info though…👍🏻

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    Can’t bear the smell of onion but bhringraj oil is certainly an effective remedy

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