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3 must-haves in every college student’s bag

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College life is all fun & laughter with friends, group studies & the cafeteria masti! But we all have perhaps faced this situation standing at the gate of our college drenched in sweat, oil smeared on face thinking what skin care products I need, to get a perfect look & leave the impression in college. Do I need something that I am missing? Don’t worry; you can always flaunt your charming look with a little help from a few things that you can always carry around in your backpack!

Here are the 3 problems that we all fight on a day to basis & the products that if you carry in your bag can help you keep these issues at bay!

The Nasty Body Odour :

We all start our day way before we reach college. Some of us travel using public transport, while a lot of us use our private vehicles such as cars, bikes, and scooters. Sweating profusely in the scorching heat, especially in the summers, gives an open invitation to bacteria that causes odour & skin rashes. A simple solution to this is to keep a can of deodorant spray in your bag, or even a small pocket perfume in your pocket. Zero-toxin deodorants (Hurricane) by Super Smelly naturally derived from Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera, are entirely safe for skin. Reach college, a spray or two, and you are fresh and ready to seize the day.

The Dirt & Oil Buildup :

We can’t overlook how contaminated the air is due to the accelerating level of pollution and when we travel on roads, a layer of dirt grime and oil gets deposited on our skin. And not just on the move, sometimes during the day, if we have oily skin, the oil attracts dirt & build up gunk on our face & clogs the pores. The easiest option that we always look for is wiping our skin with a handkerchief, but trust me, that is not the best idea. Sometimes something as simple as keeping a few wet wipes & a pack of face wash in our bag can save our skin from long term damages. For the times we are too busy, and a washroom might not be accessible, just pull a wet wipe out & clean away all the dirt, grime, and excess oil out. Within a second, you would feel fresh and energetic. But sometimes wipes will just smudge the oil & dirt around the face instead of thoroughly cleaning it. In that case, you need the goodness of toxin-free face washes that can deep clean the pores of your face & pull out the oil & dirt gently. Super Smelly offers Aloe Vera Face Wash for that helps fight acne & gives you clear skin, & Activated Charcoal Face Wash that gently exfoliates your skin & gives you a glowing brightness.

Dry & Chapped Lips :

Usually, while riding or commuting, we do not get enough time to drink water to stay hydrated. This can cause chapped, rough, and dry lips & sometimes can bleed & be painful as well. All you want to be noticed for is that charming smile, not the painfully chapped lips, right! Keeping a nourishing lip balm for some instant moisturization for those delicate lips is so easy. It fits right into your pocket! When we eat something, the chances are that a little amount of that lip balm is also consumed along. So why not choose something that is completely free of toxins, like the lip balms by Super Smelly. Fruity goodness of Strawberry Smoothie or intense hydration of Cacao Butter, whatever your choice is, now a pretty smile & soft lips are easily achievable.

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