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I Used A Paraffin Free Hair Oil For 30 Days & Here’s What Happened

As much I get appalled at the idea of oiling my hair, ( yes read sticky and greasy feeling wanting me to wash it off the moment I apply it), I came across some really rave reviews of the Bhring It On hair oil by Super Smelly. I thought, well, why not? I have been using it for a month now and here’s what I surprisingly learned!

1. Oiling is not all that bad – depends on what you are using!

Hair oiling

Greasy and weird-smelling hair because of the oil you just applied (or was forced to apply)? Well, that need not be the case. The Bhring It On is just perfect when it comes to being lightweight on the head and a nice fragrance that is actually pleasant. It’s true to the claim that it’s a no fragrance oil. It’s all-natural and makes your hair smell good.

Plus, it is free of Paraffins or Mineral Oils which are petroleum by-product that coats your scalp and hair and causes premature ageing of hair by clogging the hair follicles and slows down the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins.

2. If you oil your hair, it has to be kept overnight and those with long hair have to be tied tightly.

Unlike what our grand mothers or mothers make us believe – oiling does not mean it has to sit on your head forever or even worse your hair needs to be tied so tightly that it gives you a headache. Rather, if you end up staying in your oily scalp for too long it attracts dust & grime which mixes with your mane’s natural oils.

The oil that I have been using lightweight oil which is fragrant and is ideal for use as a pre-shampoo treatment. Just massage it nicely onto your scalp before stepping into your shower and voila, soft and shiny hair all the way!

3. Champi on wet hair? Never again!

Most of us are tempted for that nice long head massage which mom offers during the weekends, but always ensure its on dry hair. I was tempted to massage on wet hair and realised it causes more breakage than normal because drenched hair has weak roots and is more prone to breaking away even at the slightest tug.

The oil being so lightweight, if you have just washed your hair and you are trying to manage that frizz and give it a lustrous look, put a few pumps and apply it like an after wash serum and you are all set! It doesn’t cause any discomfort. Word.

4. Oiling means truckloads of it

hair champi

More than often you will find gallons of oil in your hair, which comes from the misconception that more oil does more good. This is actually not true. More oil means using more shampoo, which will deprive your hair of its natural oils. This would eventually leave your hair drier than before, defeating the entire purpose of oiling.

Another big reason why I absolutely swear by this oil, the pump mechanism just controls the amount of oil I need in my hands so that I am ending up putting dallops!

We, at Super Smelly deep dive into everything that goes into creating a good range of fragrances, skincare and haircare products so that you experience the best of everything!

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