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How Flaxseed Oil & Hemp Oil Benefit Skin And Hair?

How Flaxseed Oil & Hemp Oil Benefit Skin And Hair? | flax seed hair oil | super smelly flaxseed gel | chemical free oil for hair growth | hair damage repair products

When it comes to skincare and haircare, the school’s still in session. With burgeoning changes constantly taking place in the beauty verse and new products launching in a jiffy, it isn’t a bad idea to swot up. And today’s class is all about flaxseed oil and hemp oil. Have you ever wondered how these mighty oils benefit skin and hair and up to what extent? If yes, it’s good! If not, you can keep your notepads ready and jot down as we speak:

Flaxseed Oil vs. Hemp Oil 

Both flaxseed oil and hemp oil are potent oils per se. Thanks to their omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and protein content that can do wonders for skin and hair. Having said that, disparity still exists between the two oils, eventually giving rise to the debate ‘flaxseed oil vs. hemp oil’. Here are a few key differences between these oils:

  • Flaxseed oil has higher amounts of omega-3 than hemp oil.
  • Hemp oil has more omega-6 than flaxseed oil. Omega 6 promotes healthy hair and skin! 
  • Flaxseed oil has modest amounts of vitamin A, E, and B.  But hemp oil has additional nutrients including iron, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins, and carotene.
  • Hemp oil has the ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 i.e. 3:1. Speaking of flaxseed oil, it’s 0.2:1.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair 

When Dry Skin Strikes 

Flaxseed oil is eminently moisturizing. So, if you have dry or flaky skin, this hearty oil can bring your skin back to life by restoring its shine and texture. And that too without the side effects of toxic gunk. Try using Zero-toxin or organic flaxseed gel or oil for maximum benefits!

When Telltale Signs Of Aging Abound 

Stressed because of fine lines or wrinkles? Take heart in natural flaxseed oil and use it to take the edge of those telltale signs of aging. Flaxseeds are a potent source of antioxidants that prevent skin from drooping. Plus, the fatty acids in the oil keep the skin soft and moisturized. 

When Shine In The Hair Goes Down  

The super nutritious flaxseed oil nourishes the hair follicles and quenches them by moisturizing them. This conditions the tresses and makes them soft, manageable, and lustrous. Use natural flaxseed hair oil or toxin-free flaxseed gel to keep your locks super shiny.

When Chapped Lips Get On The Radar  

Chapped lips are unsightly and need correction. Flaxseed oil can remedy them by hydrating them from within. End result? Super smooth kissable lips! Like skin and lips, flaxseed oil can heal cracked feet, dry hands, and so forth.

If You Clog Plugholes Often

What can be more dismaying than seeing your precious hair going down the drain? But, here comes the rescue plan! Flaxseed oil or gel has the ability to reverse hair fall and facilitate hair growth. Whilst vitamin E fights free radicals and encourages the growth of new hair, B vitamins make hair strong and healthy.

If Frizzy Hair Makes You Hot Under The Collar

Frizzy hair? No problem! Flaxseed oil or gel satiate the hair that is in dire need of moisture and rule out frizz. Even if you have a curly mane, flaxseed gel will re-define your curls, eliminate frizz, and make your tresses more manageable. Use HempHold Flaxseed Hair Gel for that needed shine and impeccable hold! This ZERO-TOXIN Super Smelly flaxseed gel will also dispel frizzy hair in no time.

Hemp Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair 

If You Are Unsure Of Your Skin Type

No matter what type of skin you have, hemp oil cuts the mustard. It moisturizes your skin without jamming your pores. The potent oil regulates oil secretion and balances out the moisture on your face. So, if you have dry skin, oily skin, or even sensitive skin, hemp oil your perfect go-to hydration booster.

When Styling Hair Feels Like A Chore

Your hair doesn’t have to look boring in your Zoom classes. Take your glam quotient up a notch by styling your hair with hemp oil or gel. Make hairstyling a breeze with Super Smelly hairstyle gel – HempHold Flaxseed Hair Gel. This hemp hold hair styling gel is TOXIN-FREE so you can use it without raising an eyebrow!

If Damaged Hair Infuriates You Now And Then 

Hemp oil or gel, if used religiously, improves lubrication of the shaft, restores shine, and prevents hair breakage. Hence, it can be a boon for Gen-Z with damaged hair. Fix damaged hair with hemp oil/gel as it’s one of the best hair damage repair products out there. Always use chemical-free oil for hair growth for those champi sessions and eat biotin-rich foods.

Include both flaxseed oil and hemp oil in your skincare & haircare regimen for jaunty and healthy skin and hair!

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