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Hair Gel: The Correct Way Of Using Gels For Hair Styling & Hair Growth Is Here!

The Correct Way Of Using Gels For Hair Styling & Hair Growth Is Here! | How To Use Hair Gel For Hair Growth & Styling

Since the day everyone became homebound, our bedhead hair started lasting an entire day. With nowhere to go, people are enjoying the comfort of home where they don’t bother styling their hair anymore. But if you don’t fit in this category and love giving your hair a makeover every day, you are in luck. We have a few hacks up our sleeve that will give you a scoop on grooming your hair with a hair gel, creating  choicest looks and also to use the gel to boost your hair growth!

Using Hair Gel For Hair Styling

If getting decked up at home has become the new normal for you, adding a hair gel to your hairstyling routine will let you stay ahead of the curve. Use the gel to create groovy hairstyles – spiky, beachy waves, or slicked-back and take your zoom calls by storm. Here’s how you can make hair gel your best buddy.

Create Sporty Spikes

Spiked hair is a trend that will never fade away. If you are wondering how to use gel correctly while creating spikes, you aren’t alone. To create those gravity-defying spikes, take a dollop of the gel and spread it across the crown while pulling your hair upward. For a milder look, use the same procedure only on your front hair.  If you have long hair, you might also need a hair gel spray to set things in place. 

Get Messy-Yet-Elegant Tresses

Messy hair is a go-to hairstyle that’s perfect for teens and tweens seeking an informal yet put-together look. For an elegant bed-head look, take some hair gel and spread it on all your tresses while moving them arbitrarily in different directions with your fingers and then scrunch your hair with your fists. Get a head start with ‘HempHold Flaxseed Hair Gel’ and make your hairstyle last the entire day. This TOXIN-FREE hair gel for women and men will take your hairstyle a notch up while giving a  natural shine to your locks.

Rock Exotic Slicked-Back Look

If detangling the tresses, tying them up, and then calling it a day is a routine you follow, we feel you. But here’s the big news! You can achieve a stylish slicked-back hairstyle with minimal effort using the best natural hair gel of choice. Simply spread some gel on your palms, and then glide your fingers in your hair, starting from the front and moving toward the nape. Use a damp, wide-toothed comb to sweep the gel in and either leave the hair open or tie it up in a slick pony.

Enjoy Straight-Out-Of-The-Shower Look

With the wet-look hairstyles making their comeback, if there was ever a time to try these styles, this is it. Create a sleek straight-out-the-shower look to make a breathtaking homebound fashion statement. Apart from a slicked-back look, you can have pompadour, a hairstyle with a fringe, a side part hairstyle, or any other fave hairstyle of yours. To create a wet look, pick an organic hair gel for women/men and apply a heaping amount to the damp hair roots. Now make your choicest hairstyle and then spritz on a hair spray to retain everything in place.

Using Hair Gel For Hair Growth

Style&Grow Onion Hair Gel
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Enter the post-pandemic world with beautiful and healthy hair by using a hair gel that can boost hair growth while keeping hair grooming problems at bay. Instead of pomade, cream, or clay, settle for a hair gel that can be used both before or post hair wash and offers the best hair growth and styling results. A natural hair gel for girls and guys that can offer stunning results  is  Style&Grow Onion Hair Gel from Super Smelly. This styling gem helps you to sport a new look every time while offering your style an impeccable strong hold. Its superhero ingredients including onion oil, aloe vera, biotin, and rosemary are a great add-on for those struggling to get some volume for their hair. Here’s how to use hair gel for curly hair, short hair, long tresses, and so forth:

  • If you have a curly mane and want shiny and bouncy curls while offering your tresses a serious boost of nutrition, grab the Style&Grow Onion Hair Gel and apply it to damp hair. Twist your curls straight away with your fingers to make your curls more defined.
  • Wondering how to use hair gel on females with short hair? Or even males? It’s very easy! Simply scoop out some gooey goodness of Super Smelly’s onion hair gel, apply on dry hair, brush your hair immediately and you are done! 
  • To up your hair growth or repair damaged hair, use onion and aloe vera hair gel. 
  • If dandruff infuriates you the most, use an aloe vera gel with rosemary extract. 
  • To tame that obstinate frizz and regrow hair, use HempHold Flaxseed Hair Gel
  • If you have long tresses, massage a versatile gel on your scalp and pop your locks in the bath cap. Wash your hair after an hour or so. Repeat routinely to encourage hair growth.

A hair gel can be your favorite companion that can help you tackle the whole gamut of hair grooming issues and hair woes easily. If this gem is missing from your hair care rituals or styling routine, this can be a great time to give it a try. 

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