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Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning, And Moisturising for Flawless Skin

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You must have seen the video content websites flooded with tutorials of makeup, concealing, and contouring, right! Did it in any way make you believe that beautiful skin is all about looking great on the outside?

GenZ, the generation of sensitive and informed individuals, has been raising their voices and fighting against social evils such as colourism, body shaming, and the concept of external beauty. And the truth is, it is not the external that makes you beautiful, it is important to have good overall health, including physical health, mental health, and skin health to feel beautiful from inside.

Ever wondered what will make your skin healthy from the inside? Honestly, it does not take hours to achieve that. But following a regime and 15 minutes daily can help you achieve that with ease! Here’s how –

 C – E – T – M


To get rid of the dirt, dust, pollution, and oil build up on the surface of the skin, daily cleansing is an essential step in the skincare routine. Cleaning the face with a mild face wash, cleansing milk, or a non-foaming cleanser are the options available. You can decide what suits you best based on your skin type. A lot of people these days also prefer using virgin oils for oil cleansing.

In the adolescent phase, it is even more critical as to what you choose for cleansing your face. The skin of a tween and teen is still not mature, is going through a lot of hormonal change, and thus needs special care. Using a cleanser or face wash that has toxins and chemicals in it can make the situation worse in case you have acne or pimples. Try the Aloe Vera Face Wash by Super Smelly in case you have acne-prone skin and Activated Charcoal Face Wash in case you feel that the skin is dull and needs the power of charcoal! 


The skin sheds the dry cells on a daily basis, sometimes they get washed off or removed just by cleansing, but at times it also builds upon the surface. This makes the skin unable to breathe, and thus the pores get clogged. This can result in an acne breakout at times. Exfoliating with a gentle, certified, age-appropriate mild scrub, scrub-based face wash, or clay-based pack two to four times a week can help one get rid of this build-up, dead skin, and a layer of tan. If you have not heard yet, Super Smelly face packs are ‘Voted Product of The Year 2020’ in the face pack category in a survey conducted nationwide by Neilson.


As the name suggests, this step in the skin care regime aims to give your skin a better tone. The open pores make your skin look uneven and can also be a breeding ground to a lot of acne-causing bacteria. A good cleanser is meant to reduce the pore size and close the pores to help you achieve healthy skin.

Something as simple as rosewater or cucumber water is also an excellent homemade toner. At an adolescent stage, it is always advised to use a non-alcohol-based toner for your face.


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Moisturising is one of the most essential steps in the daily skin care routine. No matter if your skin is oily, combination, or dry, moisturising is a must for everyone. For dry skin, cream-based moisturisers and for oily skin gel-based moisturisers & matte moisturisers, the options are endless. Again, the thing that one needs to ensure is that the product one ends up using is age-appropriate, tested for all skin types, and (Nine-To-Nine Soul Soothing Moisturizer)is not loaded with harsh chemicals.

As we said – 15 minutes a day, and the amazing and healthy skin care that you wish for is within your reach.

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