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All You Need To Know About A Purifying Face Wash

Hit any beauty & personal care aisle and you will find a plethora of purifying face washes. With every brand claiming to be the cream of the crop, it’s tricky to guess what will work for you. Also, you may wonder what’s a big deal in using a purifying face wash when you already have a product that’s doing its job pretty well. Well, don’t brood over this matter and let all your thoughts rest as we are here to help you. Read on to know everything about a purifying face wash and how it can make a difference to your skin health.

What Is A Purifying Face Wash?

A purifying face wash is a gentle face wash or cleansing gel that removes buildup, dead cells and makeup, and other debris effectively without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. It has no toxic gunk but only naturally-derived ingredients that can make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels. As a good purifying natural face wash is usually devoid of chemicals, it is suitable for all especially Gen Z who think twice before putting anything on their faces. All they mostly need for young skin is a purifying face wash, something very simple and basic!

Purifying Face Wash Vs. Regular Face Wash


To clean the skin surface is one thing and to purify the skin from within is another. A regular face wash that’s generally loaded with chemicals may deceive you by giving a false notion of a clear face. However, the reality is always another way around! Traditional face washes clear up what lies on the surface but fails to deeply clean the skin pores. 

With an upheaval of chemicals in face washes, the only safe way is to follow a natural path. This is where a soap-free and chemical-free purifying face wash comes into play. A sulfate-free face wash that’s all-natural is designed to deep clean the pores while leaving the skin squeaky clean. Such a mild cleansing face wash has the super-awesomeness of beneficial ingredients like aloe vera, charcoal, Ginseng extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. that are safe and gentle. Choose a chemical-free face wash for men/women from a ZERO-TOXIN brand to reap all the skin-care benefits.

How To Pick The Best Purifying Face Wash? 


Not all brands manufacture toxin-free purifying face washes. So be cautious while choosing a product from a particular skincare brand. Opt for a purifying face wash that’s 100% chemical-free. Such a face wash should have NO SLS/SLES, NO parabens, NO phthalates, NO triclosan, and other toxic gunk. Also, the fragrances in this best face wash for women/men should be IFRA compliant. What’s more? A good purifying face wash is the one that’s dermatologically and clinically tested. 

FYI, the best organic face wash that’s purifying as well should have the following ingredients:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is super moisturizing so it makes for a perfect fit for dry skin. Also, it’s loaded with vitamins A and C and skin-benefiting antioxidants. Not to mention, aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and can act as a savior for people with acne or burns. Use a purifying face wash that uses aloe vera in the right proportion as overuse can lead to dryness. Try Super Smelly face wash with aloe gel as it’s the best face wash for men with dry skin. And of course – women too!


Charcoal has bacteria-lifting properties so it absorbs toxins easily. Apart from drawing impurities, charcoal controls oiliness. Further, its antibacterial properties eventually reduce the chances of breakouts. Consider trying charcoal face wash for acne-prone skin. If you are smart, go and grab a charcoal face wash that’s not only the best chemical-free face wash for pimples but your overall face. Yeah, you got the idea!


And if applying anything on your sensitive skin haunts you, a chemical-free face wash for women or men with ginseng will quell all your worries. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help get rid of inflammation and redness. Ginseng extract in a face wash is also a calming ready for acne-prone skin or those with psoriasis and other such conditions. If you want the best face wash for pimples and fairness for men/women, try one with ginseng extract as it also enhances whitening. 

Benefits Of A Purifying Face Wash


As discussed above, a purifying face wash is super good for your skin. It does a lot good including:

  • Deep cleansing of your skin especially your skin pores
  • Cleansing without irritating your skin (so, suits all skin types)
  • Maintaining skin’s pH levels and natural moisture
  • Controlling unwanted oil production (TIP! use charcoal face wash as it’s the best face wash for men with oily skin)
  • Reducing acne and boosting fairness (Use Super Smelly aloe vera face wash- the best face wash for boys/girls with dull, acne-prone skin)

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