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Acne Feels Bigger Than Just a Skin Problem? Then, Here Are 3 Simple Fixes For You!

It’s unbelievable how acne affects more than just the skin. 

I had two episodes of long and major acne outbursts, once as a teenager and the second time as an adult. It was a lot to deal with – 

  • The Social Anxiety: Suddenly all I noticed of others was their skin and didn’t know who to speak to. Everyone around me from my friends to my mom seemed to have perfectly clear skin. Acne left me feeling withdrawn and I started to dread social get-togethers where I had to meet people.
  • New Day, New Misery: The first thing I’d do every morning was run to the mirror to check my face to find out the face I’d carry for the day!  Some new breakouts, some old ones becoming worse. Especially on any special day pimples had a way of appearing at the most humiliating spots like the center of the forehead or the tip of the nose!
  • Self-Esteem??? – I remember having started to walk with my head down looking at the road as I just didn’t want to make eye contact. Unsolicited advice from anyone and everyone along with pitiful looks threw me completely off my game. It seemed like my acne-filled face was the only thing people would notice about me. 
  • Common Knowledge – The only thing that I could understand was that the skin needs to be kept squeaky clean and so I started washing my face with a face wash 3-4 times a day. Also, I would be so grossed out by my own acne, washing repeatedly had become a weird flex. Well, that only made it worse, my skin had become itchy, dry in patches, and more painful. 

It took years of research, myth-busting, and not settling for quick fixes to finally understand what it takes to clear out acne. It’s really the power of three – 

1. Diet – A non-dairy diet, adding green leafy vegetables and some easy anti-inflammatory foods like cinnamon, turmeric and berries.

2. Anti-Acne Regime – An SLS free anti-acne face wash having the right ingredient mix and one that does not leave the skin feeling parched should be used twice daily. Always follow it up everyday with a light anti-acne cream having antibacterial properties, as that doesn’t let the affected area become itchy or dry. Use a Neem, Tea Tree or Clay based masks at least 3-4 times a week either on the entire face or as spot treatment. 

3. Exercise – Don’t skip at least 30 mins of physical activity that makes you breathe harder, that may range from brisk walking to cycling.

It’s important you remember never to let others get inside your head, it is easier said than done, but if you are conscious about it, the agony is less.  Also, rationalize the fact that acne is just a mere skin condition, with proper care it is absolutely curable. No quick fixes, just consistent healthy habits.

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