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7 Ways To Be Sister Of The Year

A brother- You’re thankful to have him by your side, but still find him slightly annoying (ah, the joy of siblings). No matter if you’re shopping for your younger or older brother, consider one of these unique gifts to remind him just how much you love him (just in case you don’t say it enough).

  1. Personlised Coffee Mug & Subscription – For the brother who loves his coffee – a coffee mug to suit his persona with the subscription to his favourite coffee beans is the best way for him to sit up and take notice! Pun intended.
  2. Zero Toxin Deo Hamper – For the Fragrance Fanatic – Obviously, he already owns tonnes of deos to make sure he smells great all the time – but has he tried a toxin -free deo yet – also which is ideal for young skin? We don’t think so! A nice hamper of zero toxin deos we are sure will be up for grabs with no complaints.
  3. Multipurpose Trimmer – The brother who is second-guessing his quarantine beard and sideburns – A handy and easy to use trimmer is for keeps for his grooming needs.
  4. Game Subscription – For the game freak – Gift him his favourite game so that he can unwind with his favourite characters. 
  5. Insta Camera – For the brother-turned-photographer –   Nothing like a cool polaroid instant camera for his photo fetishes. 
  6. Pack Of Tees – For the brother who never dresses up – A pack of basic tees which he can just get into without having to make difficult fashion choices!
  7. Selfcare Kit – Self-Care Kit – For the brother who takes special care of himself and is indulgent when it comes to personal care products – a zero-toxin self-care hamper that he will love using and own each day like a boss!

So, go ahead and make that gesture to show that you care, that love and always have his back no matter what!

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