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5 Things You Should Stop Doing As A Parent

Being a parent can be overwhelming. You are always concerned about your child. From choosing what your child should wear, to where he/she should go to school, every choice you make is well thought out. However, sometimes what you think is best for your child might not really be the best thing for them.

Here are a few things you might be doing wrong which you can improve upon:

1. Encouraging harmful food habits


Teens tend to have the worst food habits. They dine out often, binge on unhealthy snacks and skip meals because it’s convenient, and some parents might ignore this behaviour. But this may lead to nutritional deficiencies and hinder their physical growth in the long run.

Parents could come up with interesting ways to assert healthy eating habits. Having a functional meal plan for the week and involving your children in cooking might make them more inclined to eat home cooked meals.

2. Overreacting when they make a mistake

Parents’ reactions have a huge impact on their child’s behaviour and how they handle their mistakes in the future. How a parent reacts to their child’s mistakes influences their self esteem and also the way they communicate.

Keeping this in mind, we as parents could try to proactively engage with our children. We might lose our cool sometimes with them when they step out of line but it’s good to try to keep a level head and perceive the situation through their lens as well.

3. Overlooking products your child uses

Teenagers are always trying to grow up fast and be seen as an adult, and that means trying adult products like moisturizers, deodorants, face creams and a whole list of other things. Some of these products generally contain harmful chemicals not suitable for young skin.

Products like deodorants make close contact with skin, so it’s important to find toxin free products which are safe for your child’s skin.

4. Gender Stereotyping

It’s commonplace to see a parent check their child to not “cry like a girl” or to “look more feminine” or to “be a man!”. These cultural stereotypes are far too prevalent and they’re hard to escape.

Instead of exposing our teenage children to such harmful stereotypes, we can encourage them to be more accepting of themselves and others.

We could lead by example and we could talk to them about personalities who stand for Gender Neutral stances.

5. Ignoring skin care

skin care

Kids, especially teenagers, go through rough times both physically and emotionally when they hit puberty. They need a support system to navigate their confusing thoughts and help make healthy choices/habits to deal with troubling physical changes like acne.

So lend them a helping hand, by figuring out ways to navigate emotional distress, and natural healthy ways to deal with skin issues.

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