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5 Things Deodorant Brands Don’t Want You To Know

We have seen oh! so many commercials on deodorants and sprays, but have you ever wondered why brands only focus on the outcomes of using that particular deodorant and not anything else? Often brands steer away from real facts and keep us away from the “real stuff”, let’s find out what they are:

1. Most deodorants are toxic. Period.

Deo brands do not want the consumers to read the label and it’s understandable why . Pretty much all of them contain harmful ingredients like Aluminium, Triclosan & Parabens, but go unnoticed in the fine print. Prolonged use of these can lead to horrors like hormonal imbalance, eczema,skin irritation or even cancer!

2. Deodorants are not tested for safety

Most deo brands never talk about the age-appropriateness of their products because obviously they don’t clinically test them for that, and therefore can be at best used by adults but these are definitely not the deodorants for young or sensitive skin .

3. Fragrances can be very harmful

Commonly used fragrances that also come very cheap are made up of extremely toxic ingredients. Therefore, it is essential to only use deos that use IFRA compliant fragrances. International Fragrance Association is a global body certifying toxin-free perfumes, by scrutinizing the constitution and percentage use of each ingredient that is used in formulating fragrances.

4. Deo Ads are made to mislead us from the truth

We only see misogynistic ads for deodorants that show the primary use of a deo to be able to attract the opposite gender – have you ever thought why? It is convenient to attract an audience without having to deal with real facts like composition, ingredients, and toxicity of the product.

5. Natural? Not Really!

Brands that actually talk about being “Natural”, never actually go transparent about how natural they are, there are always blurred lines.

Pretty unlike Super Smelly deodorants, who always stand up to their claims with their numerous certifications which validate their claims. All the formulations are ‘naturally derived’ which means they are bio-compatible i.e. ​​do not produce a toxic or immunological response when exposed to the body or bodily fluids.

So, next time you see a deodorant ad have these points on the top of your mind and we are sure you’ll look at it differently! These points should enable you to choose the right deo that does what it claims without the hullabaloo of mindless marketing tactics.

We, at Super Smelly deep dive into everything that goes into creating a good range of fragrances, skincare and haircare products so that you experience the best of everything!

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